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Wastewater Planning Grant

The City of Hudson has been awarded a $100,000 grant to create a long-term plan to reduce sewer overflow. The grant is awarded by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation and Department of Environmental Conservation from the Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant Program through the New York Clean Water State Revolving Fund. 

Many cities on the Hudson River, including Hudson, have a combined system for sewage and stormwater runoff. During storms, the surge of water is beyond the capacity of the sewage treatment plant and the untreated overflow goes straight into our waterways. New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation estimates that more than two billion gallons of sewage entered the Hudson River in 2018. Almost twenty million came from the city of Hudson.

For decades, the City of Hudson has replaced sections of stormwater and sewer piping to separate the two systems. The process is expensive—with some estimates close to one hundred million dollars—and includes digging up miles of roads and replacing miles of pipes. 

The grant will enable the city to create a long-term plan to complete the project and use the plan to guide future grant applications and project planning.