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Weekend Both Sides Parking

Weekend overnight parking on both sides of the street is allowed (unless otherwise posted). Alternate side parking remains in effect Monday through Friday. This policy is in effect until further notice.

Parking Guideline

Monday - Friday: 12:00 Midnight - 8:00 AM
On all streets within the City unless otherwise posted:
  • Park on the odd side for odd-numbered calendar dates.
  • Park on the even side for even-numbered calendar dates.

Note the time that alternate side regulation begins at 12:00 Midnight. If parking on the evening of May 20 to leave the car parked until the morning of May 21, park on the odd side of the street so that you comply May 21, 12-8 AM.

8:00 AM - Midnight: Unless otherwise posted, parking on both sides.

Saturday - Sunday:

Unless otherwise posted, parking on both sides. Both sides weekend policy continues until further notice.

More on Parking Regulations

This policy was issued by Police Commissioner Bower on May 19, 2021.