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Truck Study and Survey

Give your input on proposed alternate routes for trucks that do not have destinations within the City of Hudson by taking the survey below. The survey ends on April 20, 2021

The City of Hudson is working with MJ Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (MJ) to perform a destination and origin study for trucks traveling through Hudson. New York State truck drivers support their families and supply Hudson and surrounding communities with crucial goods; however, the route they traverse was designed for a previous era. The study collects data and proposes improved routes that ensure the safety of the community, truck drivers, and businesses alike.
“While we are thankful for hardworking truck drivers who support businesses by bringing supplies into and out of our communities,” says Mayor Kamal Johnson, “This study will help create a new solution that puts trucks where they can operate most effectively and safely: On routes that do not traverse dense residential neighborhoods."

Based on traffic data collection, public comment, and roadway characteristics, MJ has identified 12 alternate routes along with the benefits, disadvantages, and planning needs of each proposed route change. Out of those 12 possible routes, MJ has further identified 5 select routes to be the most viable and consistent with the project objectives and goals of ensuring the safety of the community, truck drivers, and businesses alike. This proposal will be further refined based on survey results and input at the April 27 public meeting. Please be sure to attend, your input matters in this process.

Draft Truck Study
Draft Appendix

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