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Project Hudson

The Hudson Tourism Board is welcoming proposals for short- and long-term projects that promote Hudson as an attractive destination and strengthen our local communities and economy! 
We invite businesses and organizations based in the city of Hudson to fill out this application online or by hand. The board will consider applications that:
  • Take place in the City of Hudson.
  • Enliven Hudson’s city life.
  • Illuminate or create a unique experience of Hudson’s communities and businesses.
  • Create local opportunities for recreation and/or promotion, and/or seek to advance walkability.
  • Create local opportunities for climate resiliency, where applicable.
  • Are accessible to all audiences and ADA compliant, where applicable.
  • Use “tactical urbanism,” which encourages low cost, impermanent, and DIY projects, where applicable.
The Tourism Board is tasked with using its funds to promote our city. With Project Hudson, the board hopes to take small steps toward supporting the creativity, ingenuity, and civic-mindedness of Hudsonians to create a more vibrant, healthy, equitable, and safe place to live and to be.  
This grant program is being administered with the help and support of the Columbia Economic Development Corporation.