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Dec 27,2017

Prepayment of 2018 Property Taxes

From the office of Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton
Hudson, NY - December 27, 2017
In response to the Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo on December 22nd, The City of Hudson has issued a new tax warrant dated December 28, 2017, for 2018 property taxes. While timing is extremely short and we have not worked out all of the logistics, we will begin accepting online payments on Friday, December 29th.

Anyone wishing to prepay 2018 city/county property taxes can do so online at

If you would like in-person assistance, the City Treasurer's Office will be open from 8:30am to 5:00pm on Friday the 29th to assist you in paying your tax bill online.  Please direct any questions to the City Treasurer's Office at (518) 828-0212.

The City understands the potential negative financial impacts to property owners of the tax reform bill signed into effect by President Trump last Friday, and we are making every effort to provide relief in the form of 2018 property tax prepayments. Please direct any questions to the City Treasurer's Office at (518) 828-0212.

Dec 27,2017

As Temps Drop, Remain Vigilant

With temps dropping dangerously low, it's important for us to remain vigilant in keeping a watchful eye on our friends and neighbors in the community. Chief Moore issued an order this morning requiring that officers on every shift check areas known to frequently be used for homeless encampments to ensure that anyone who is out in the cold is given the option of a place to warm up and is connected with DSS to arrange emergency shelter. We all have neighbors who could perhaps use a friendly check-in, and we may encounter people in our daily travels who seem to have suffered from extended cold exposure. Please reach out to HPD at 518-828-3388 with any concerns and request a wellness check. Thank you!