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General Protocol for Snow Removal and Emergencies

Snow and Ice Removal:
  • The owner or occupant of every lot or premises within the City of Hudson shall keep the sidewalks adjoining said lot or premises free and clear of all snow and ice for the entire length and width of said sidewalks.
  • Snow and ice shall be removed and cleaned away from the sidewalks in the manner specified in § 253-1 hereof within 24 hours after such snow or ice shall have fallen or formed on said sidewalks, except as to the sidewalks adjoining Warren Street, which shall be cleaned of snow and ice within 12 hours after such snow or ice shall have fallen or formed.
Snow Emergency
Whenever the Mayor or his designee finds that an accumulation of snow and/or ice makes it necessary in order to facilitate motor vehicle travel or to expedite snow plowing, snow removal, sanding and other purposes, he or his designee may declare a snow emergency and, after such declaration, implement the rules as hereinafter set forth. 

Please visit the City Code for more specific information on Snow Removals and Emergencies.