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Youth Government Day Students Learn City Government

RR office w OUNY -2 (72)

Mayor Rector discussed civics and public service with students participating in Operation Unite New York's 2019 Youth Government Day in his office on April 16.  The students spent a full day in a mock Common Council meeting and shadowing officials like the Treasurer, Clerk, Common Council President and Aldermen asking loads of questions on how these public servants do their jobs.  Welcomed each year by City officials, the day is the creation of OUNY Director Elena Mosley.  The students spent the morning at City Hall, had discussions with officials at an informal lunch at the Youth Department, then returned to City Hall for a mock Common Council meeting where the students take the roles of the officials they had shadowed.  Each year, Ms. Mosley and her staff prepare the students to engage in debates, respecting each other's positions while arguing for their own.