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  1. Mayor Johnson urges everyone to stay at home. If you must leave the house, keep a safe distance of six feet from others in public spaces to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.
  2. Call your doctor or the Columbia County Public Health Department (518-828-3358) if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms. In an emergency, call 911.
  3. Wash your hands frequently.
  4. Be healthy and take care of yourself.



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  1. Columbia County Department of Health
  2. CDC


Use city services by phone, email, or website. To reduce exposure to yourself, city employees, and other members of the public, avoid in-person visits to city buildings. If you are unable to complete your city-service task via email, phone, or website, please call to make an appointment. City Hall closes at 12 noon. See city departments.


Youth Center is closed to the public. The Youth Department is collaborating with Hudson City School District, Friends of Hudson Youth, and other partners to develop a citywide food distribution initiative to ensure food security in our community while the Youth Center and schools are closed. Donate to this initiative. In order to minimize contact, over 50% of Youth Center staff remain at home in a "state of readiness." 


The Senior Center is closed to the public. The Senior Center is providing remote support to seniors. Meals on Wheels will continue to operate and the Senior Center is helping support the program as well as sign up new seniors. The program has added frozen food and shelf items so seniors can have food plenty of food without depending on frequent deliveries. Senior Center is also distributing basic supplies to seniors who need them. Learn more about services for seniors.


Officers will determine which calls require their physical presence and which calls can be handled over the phone. This decision will be made on a case-by-case basis, and never in the event of an emergency. Officers will always respond to an emergency, and there will be no lapse in police coverage within our city.

Officers may wear personal protective equipment, and they may ask you to be interviewed outside your home or business. They may speak to you while standing 6 feet away. At the station, you may be asked to communicate with our officers through the lobby telephone.


The Fire Department instituting social distancing and reducing the use of the firehouse whenever possible. They are performing remote/virtual drills. They have adapted protocols, decontamination standards, gear, and cleaning schedule to reduce risk.  


The Department of Public Works has reduced capacity and the department is working in a split shift where 50% of staff remains at home in a "state of readiness." The Department has been increased facility cleaning, supported Columbia Memorial Hospital readiness, and is supporting other departments. Meanwhile, there are several long-term projects that are being advanced as time-permits.  


The Clerk's Office has reduced capacity and the department is working in a split shift where 50% of staff remains at home in a "state of readiness." Nonessential services are not available at this time. 


Code Enforcement staff are working remotely as much as possible. Code Enforcement is limiting inspections of active residential properties. They remain available for emergencies and essential projects.  


Pathways, walkways and trails may be used in public parks but otherwise the use of public parks is prohibited, including playground areas, basketball courts, and picnic table and BBQ pit areas.

The public use of the City’s Dog Park located on Front Street may continue  under the following conditions: 

  1. No more than 6 people shall use the park at one time
  2. Park users shall keep at least 6 feet distance between themselves and other people who are not otherwise quarantined together. 


Treasurer staff are working remotely as much as possible. 


Council meetings will remain accessible via live stream. The public cannot attend in-person.


NY State on Pause

Several organizations have issued closings, including


Many people will experience financial hardship during this period.


Catholic Charities Columbia Greene
Monday, 9-12noon; Wednesday, 12noon - 5p.
At present, client choice for food.
One time emergency assistance preferably arranged over the phone.
431 East Allen Street, Hudson, NY 12534
(518) 828-8660

Christ Episcopal Church
Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm
431 Union Street, Hudson NY 12534

Columbia Opportunities
Food Pantry and emergency assistance. Please call ahead for an appointment. 
(518) 828-4611
540 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY, 12534

Hudson City School District
Breakfast and lunch available to all children age 18 and under, free of charge
View website for updates

Hudson Senior Center
If you need support signing up for grocery delivery services, finding reliable information about the coronavirus, need food or prepared meals, or need information about any support services offered please call the Senior Center at (518) 828-3200

Hudson Youth Department
Delivering food packages to locations in Hudson
Learn More

Rock Solid Church Pantry
2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 10-12 noon, adding 1st and 3rd Thursday from 4-5pm
Pre-packed bags of groceries only going forward
334 Union St., Hudson, NY 12534

Salvation Army Food Pantry
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8am-10am. Pre-packed groceries
Free take-out lunches Monday - Friday, 11:30-12:30 
40 S. Third St., Hudson, NY 12534
Food Pantry

St. Mark’s Lutheran Food Pantry 
Mon and Thurs, 9-12 noon
Pre-packed bags of groceries going forward
200 Fairview Ave., Hudson, NY 12534

Time & Space Limited
5:30 PM comfort food suppers for pick-up or delivery
$5, or pay what you can
Order ahead of time: 518-822-8100 or

Zion Community Food Pantry
2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 5:30pm - 6:30pm, and 1st and 4th Friday of the month from noon to 1pm
They offer grocery bag delivery to Providence Hall on 3rd Tuesday; available to 70+, and handicapped. Please sign up on the sheet in Providence Hall
Bliss Towers
41 N. Second St., Hudson, NY 12534


New York State Health and New York State Department of Financial Services announces a special enrollment period for Uninsured New Yorkers, in light of COVID-19 virus. Individuals who enroll in Qualified Health Plans through the NY State of Health or directly through insurers between March 16 and April 15, 2020 will have coverage effective starting April 1, 2020. Individuals who are eligible for other NY State of Health programs-Medicaid, Essential Plan and Child Health Plus-can enroll year-round. As always, consumers can apply for coverage through the NY State of Health online at, by phone at 855-355-5777.


Go to the NY Department of Labor to get the information you need on unemployment benefits, including applying. New York State has waived the 7-day waiting period for those affected by COVID-19 and there are special provisions for teachers and school workers. For other employment services, you can also call Columbia County DSS at (518) 828-941 for more information.

Shared Work Program: New York also offers a shared work program that allows employers to reduce hours of employees and allows the employees to supplement pay with unemployment benefits. The Shared Work program helps businesses manage business cycles and seasonal adjustments. Shared Work lets companies keep trained staff and avoid layoffs. Employees can receive partial Unemployment Insurance benefits while working reduced hours. Full-time, part-time and seasonal employees are eligible.


Call Columbia County DSS at (518)828-941 for information or go to to apply for benefits.


Families First Coronavirus Response Act requires family and medical leave as well as emergency paid leave for certain employers. Fact Sheet for EmployeesFact Sheet for Employers, and Questions and Answers.



  • City of Hudson extended time to file lodging tax
  • National Grid has suspended collection-related activities and disconnections.
  • NYS has issued a moratorium on commercial and residential evictions
  • State debt collection has been frozen. New Yorkers with student debt, medical debt, and other state-referred debt will have payments frozen for at least 30 days.
  • NY State waives late fees for sales tax payments
  • New York State has issued a new directive to mortgage servicers to waive mortgage payments for 90 days, based on financial hardship. 
  • State-chartered banks are instructed to waive ATM fees, late fees, overdraft fees and, credit card fees to lessen.
  • Federal tax deadline extended to July 15
  • Extension of expiration dates for driver's licenses and vehicle registrations from March 1 to April 19


Alternate side parking and use of parking meters are suspended. Late fees are waived on all tickets given after February 1, 2020. Pay for parking is still required at the South Front street lot (Amtrak). 



The Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced emergency loans of up to $2 million in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Columbia County Businesses are eligible for Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans


Additional Business Services 


New York’s Shared Work Program: New York also offers a shared work program that allows employers to reduce hours of employees and allows the employees to supplement pay with unemployment benefits. The Shared Work program helps businesses manage business cycles and seasonal adjustments. Shared Work lets companies keep trained staff and avoid layoffs. Employees can receive partial Unemployment Insurance benefits while working reduced hours. Full-time, part-time and seasonal employees are eligible. The link to New York’s Share Work Program site is here:


In the event that federal programs are opened to assist small businesses with losses, documentation will be important. The sooner businesses start documentation of losses, the more accurate their records will be if assistance if becomes available. We want to make sure our City of Hudson businesses are able to qualify for any assistance that becomes available. It is recommended that businesses prepare the following: 
  • Document lost revenues and wages. 
  • Document mandatory closures with date/ time stamped letters. 
  • While it’s still fresh, write a narrative/timeline of the events/timing specific to your business. 
  • Take photos/have losses verified by a 3rd party insurance/ bank etc. on a loss report.
  • Have copies of your bills, document overhead expenses paid
  • These programs are developing without precedence. Keep details straight as things change. 

This type of funding requires strong evidence of loss in order to ensure federal dollars are not wasted, protect against fraud, and prevent duplicating benefits. For example, if you apply to multiple grants you must apply for separate losses such that your entire loss is covered but not duplicated. Duplication will lead to recapture. To avoid this, only accept funds from one source or be up front if you have applied for multiple sources.



Reduce the frequency of going to stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. Trips to the grocery store may be necessary, but try to limit them and go at times when they are less busy. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after your trip. And leave the medical masks and gloves for the medical professionals—we need them to care for those who are sick. Maintain distance from others while shopping—and remember that hoarding supplies negatively impacts others so buy what you need and leave some for everyone else. Take-out meals and food are riskier than making food at home given the links between the people who prepare food, transport the food, and you. It is hard to know how much that risk is, but it is certainly higher than making it at home. But you can and should continue to support your local small businesses (especially restaurants and other retailers) during this difficult time by buying gift certificates online that you can use later.





As a best practice for overall health in cold and influenza season, the CDC recommends that individuals receive the influenza vaccination and engage in everyday, preventative measures to prevent the spread of germs and avoid illness, such as:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with individuals who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with the crease of your elbow.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Take any anti-viral medication prescribed to you as instructed by your physician.


View Emergency Orders (March 25, March 20, March 18, and March 16) 

3/12/2020 STATEMENT

"As of this statement (3/12/20), there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 In Columbia County. I have heard the rumors and assure our citizens that they are just that rumors. I ask you to trust in our Department of Health and Columbia Memorial Health during these nervous times. As a city we are working diligently to keep everyone updated with information." - Mayor Kamal Johnson


Our Senior Center has increased cleaning. The Senior Center is following all CDC guidelines and working with the Columbia County Office for Aging to protect one of our most vulnerable populations.


Hudson Police Department (HPD) has been in contact with the Columbia County Sheriff and the NY State Police and have been assured that there will be no lapse in police coverage for our city. All agencies have agreed to work cooperatively and share what necessary resources. HPD officers are taking precautions to minimize their exposure to COVID-19. The County Public Health Department is working with the Columbia County Fire Fighter Coordinator and is providing guidance to all Fire Departments throughout the county.


The Youth Department is taking multiple proactive measures to remain vigilant in response to public health concerns, and we are keeping in direct contact with the Columbia County Department of Health, the Hudson City School District, and the Mayor’s office to ensure that information is being shared efficiently and that all local organizations are working in-step. The Youth Center has significantly increased our daily cleaning protocols to target the most common forms of viral transmission throughout our facility. We are temporarily reducing the circulation of toys, books and other hard to clean items and sanitizing all remaining items with a CDC approved sanitizer. Bathrooms, doorknobs, tables, chairs and all surfaces in regular use are being sanitized twice daily in addition to our regular cleaning regiment. Youth are washing hands immediately upon checking in to the Youth Center and again before meals and leaving the facility. The Youth Department will mirror the School District closure policy.


At City Hall we urge all citizens who are experiencing flu-like symptoms to please contact a medical professional or the County Public Health Department 518-828-3358. If you are not feeling well and have any business related to City Hall please call the office. All city meetings are live streamed

Mar 6, 2020 STATEMENT

“As more cases of Covid-19, the Coronavirus are identified in the United States I urge residents of Hudson to remain calm. I have been in touch with Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) who have longstanding emergency protocols for public health emergencies. CMH is directing anyone who is experiencing any symptoms related to Covid-19 to please call the emergency room for further instructions. I am currently in talks with Amtrak about what protocols the train station will be taking for people traveling into our city. The Hudson City School District is taking all proactive measures including working closely NYS Department of Education, and State and Local officials from the Department of Health to monitor all available protocols and information. As a city, I ask you to focus on prevention and follow all CDC prevention guidelines. My office will continue to provide updated information.” -Mayor Kamal Johnson

“As of this release [March 6], there are no cases of Covid-19 in Columbia County. Our actions and how we form our plans for both health care providers and the general public are defined by the Center for Disease Control through New York State Department of Health....The Columbia County Department of Health along with local county officials are committed to actively monitoring the progression of this new virus and modifying our response as required.” -Columbia County Department of Health

The coronavirus is a respiratory pathogen spread by coughing that can cause an illness ranging from mild to severe.

The Columbia County Department of Health in coordination with the New York State Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the local hospital and local providers are closely monitoring the global situation of respiratory illness, now being referred to as Covid-19.

We are prepared to identify and manage suspect cases and will implement appropriate control measures to prevent the spread of disease locally.

The most important things to remember to protect against any respiratory virus is to avoid close contact with people who are sick, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

For more information, see the comprehensive CDC's Covid-19 Resource List  


As news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to circulate, our office wants to ensure that our constituents have the tools to stay properly informed during this time. We are sure you are following this issue closely and understand your communities may be concerned with developing news about the virus. Please know that our office is closely monitoring updates on this situation and believe it is essential that we have all the facts to stay informed as we move forward. 

The CDC has a list of frequently asked questions and recommended best practices for staying healthy. In addition, the New York State Department of Health is providing information and statewide updates regarding the virus

Constituents can also call for more information at the New York State Novel Coronavirus Hotline: 1-888-364-3065

For a copy of this press release click here.